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hysiotherapy (from the Greek Φυσιο = natural and θεραπεία = therapy) is a branch of health care aiming at prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of all pathologies or dysfunctions of the musculoskeletal, nervous and visceral systems by means of therapies such as physical (instrumental) therapy, manual therapy and rehabilitation.

Physical/instrumental and manual therapies


They are based on the use of equipment performing therapies involving heat, cold, electricity, electromagnetism, ultrasounds and frequencies of various kinds.
All types of physical therapy interact with and maximize, in most cases, the manual work of the therapist to obtain the maximum therapeutic results.


Manual therapies are actually the ones physiotherapists use most frequently – massage therapy, manipulations, osteopathy, chiropractic, etc. to mention just a few.
It is the most “classic” form of physiotherapy, the one that everyone has in mind when they think of the discipline.


The term “rehabilitation” refers to the set of treatments aiming at the total or partial recovery of physical and motor skills in patients who can then, in the shortest possible time, go back to their normal daily life, re-enter work, family, society and return to any prior sports activity.

Rehabilitation is recommended after surgery, an accident, trauma or injury that has compromised any motor or functional skills. Rehabilitation treatments can be different depending on the pathology and its severity.

As said there is:
– Orthopedic rehabilitation (it includes all treatments involving the musculoskeletal system).
– Neurological rehabilitation (for serious injuries of the nervous system).
– Sport rehabilitation (it is generally orthopedic, but adapted to the needs of the athlete).

Orthopedic and sport rehabilitation are offered at my practice. As a professional I have decided to focus on them rather than on neurological rehabilitation and dedicate myself to the first two.

Orthopedic and sport rehabilitation include:

Functional rehabilitation

It aims to identify and possibly eliminate altered movements by restoring dysfunctions of the musculoskeletal system.

It is called “functional” as it tries to activate and improve muscle function to stabilize the spine during movement so as not to stress joints during functioning and to avoid, among other things, degenerative disc diseases, arthrosis, osteophytes, inflammation of all structures directly connected to them and other joint injuries.

Postural rehabilitation

It is recommended to prevent and treat back pain and other problems related to faulty posture. Generic and personalized exercises are used to help patients become more aware of their own body. This phase in postural rehab must be carried out systematically and (generally) for a long time to ensure the “Body” understands what it is “taught”.

Rehabilitation consists of 5 distinct and well-defined phases!
Phase 1: reduction of pain and inflammation
Phase 2: recovery of movement
Phase 3: recovery of muscle strength
Phase 4: recovery of balance and coordination
Phase 5: return to the prior level of sports activity (for those who practice sports).

Rehabilitation is now recognized as Essential in recovery, treatment and prevention of injuries or dysfunctions involving our perfect and ingenious BODY machine.

The treatments above are available in the following cities: Menton, Monaco, Cap d'Ail, Roquebrune-Cap-Martin and neighbouring towns.