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Physioaesthetics with TECAR Indiba activ

At private practice in Sanremo and/or at patient’s house


“Physioaesthetics with TECAR Therapy or CRET””


In physioaesthetics state-of-the-art devices equipped with electrodes generate electromagnetic waves that go deep down into the skin and reach the underlying tissues generating a thermal effect (35°C to 60°C).
These devices produce a controlled overheating effect creating a positive thermal shock on the skin of both face and body thus stimulating the production of new collagen.

The penetration index of radiofrequency essentially depends on power and frequency. With radiofrequency the thermal effect can be transferred to the deepest level of dermis, also reaching the subcutaneous fat, consequently improving the microcirculation flow, reducing lymphatic stasis and stimulating the production of elastin and collagen.

Difference between radiofrequency used at beauty salons and/or at a physiotherapist’s practice.

Radiofrequency at a beauty salon

The devices used at beauty salons cannot exceed 40W power and 1.5 Mhz frequency; they release less energy than the devices used in the healthcare sector, thus being less effective.

Radiofrequency at a physiotherapist’s practice

Results are more significant and long-lasting because the devices (not allowed at beauty salons) operate at optimal power and frequency ranges thus producing more intense radio waves capable of reaching more tissues with a faster, more effective and lasting result.

Benefits of TECAR therapy/radiofrequency in physioaesthetics

Skin strengthening and hydration:

– It increases blood flow and nutrient supply
– It hydrates tissues
– It stimulates the production of collagen

Cellulite reduction:

(Aedematous, fibrous, fatty and mixed cellulite)
– It reduces cellulite
– It helps have smoother and firmer skin

Body shaping

– It helps rebalance cells
– It increases core temperature and activates metabolism
– It eliminates superficial fat without damaging other cells

Treatments for scars

– Hyperthermia significantly reduces keloids
– It treats acute scars.

Face and Body Rejuvenation

– It helps the body regenerate collagen and elastin fibers
– It plumps skin
– It significantly softens wrinkles and limits their appearance.

Pre and post surgery

– It prepares tissues for surgery thus reducing the risk of complications.
– It grants faster recovery

Indications of TECAR therapy in physioaesthetics


– Oedema drainage
– Reabsorption of hematomas
– Tissue healing
– Skin smoothing


– Wrinkle softening
– Firming up neck and décolleté
– Double chin reduction
– Lifting


– Toning up buttocks, thighs, stomach and breasts
– Firming up arms

CELLULITE (edematous, fibrous, fatty cellulite):

– Skin smoothing
– Improving skin flexibility and elasticity
– Reduction of fatty nodules and skin fibrosis.


– Pacemaker o altri dispositivi elettronici
– Pacemakers or other electronic devices
– Pregnancy and breastfeeding in progress
– Injured skin
– Thrombophlebitis in progress and coagulopathy
– Cancer pathologies in progress or cured (as a precaution only about 6 to 7 years after declared healing).
– Epilepsy, transcutaneous neurostimulators.
– Children under the age of 11 (precaution).

Ask for a physioaesthetic consultation

Each TECAR-radiofrequency session can last 30 to 60 minutes.
A complete cycle consists of 10 sessions which can be extended to 20
(depending on the type of skin and the blemish to be corrected).

The number of sessions can be evaluated at my practice in Sanremo or at your home.

Physiotherapy private practice in Sanremo – Stefano Borrattaz

By appointment only:
Monday – Friday from 7.30am to 7.00pm.
Saturday from 8.30am to 1.30pm.
Appointments can be scheduled after hours and on holidays upon request.
Home care treatments, Tecar therapy included, available at additional cost.

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