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Qualifications, certificates, training and experiences

Stefano Borrattaz - Physiotherapist in Sanremo and Monaco


Opening of my private practise in Sanremo

The private practice is located in Corso Cavallotti 4/1 – Sanremo (IM).
The following treatments are offered: Physiotherapy, Sports massage therapy, Indiba Activ Tecar therapy, Shock wave therapy, Kinesio taping, Massage therapy, Rehabilitation, Functional bandaging, Osteopathic manual treatment.

Home care visits and treatments available in Sanremo and surrounding areas, in the Principality of Monaco, Monte Carlo and surrounding areas.

Private practices and collaborations

1997-2009   Continuous collaboration c/o Institute of Sports Medicine of Turin.

1997-1998   Continuous collaboration c/o Physiotherapy of A. Morello – Turin

1998-1999   Continuous collaboration c / o Centre for Sports Medicine – Ivrea (Turin).

2005-2006   Continuous collaboration c/o Department of Medicine Sports Sisport Fiat in Turin as Head of Department Physiotherapy – Turin.

2006-2008   Private practice – Chivasso (Turin).

2008-2009   Consultant study physiotherapy D&M – Turin.

2009-2010   Continuous collaboration c/o Medical Services in Hesperia – Bordighera (IM).

2010-2011   Continuous collaboration c/o Institute of Sports Medicine of Turin.

2010-2015   Private practice D&M Traiano, 24/10 – Turin in quality of membership.

2013-2016   Continuous collaboration c/o Servizi Medici Sanremo in via Canessa, 3 – Sanremo (IM).

2015-2019   Private practice D&M – Turin in quality of collaborator.

2015   Opening of a private practice – Sanremo

From 2019 to now   Home counseling c/o in Monaco and neighboring areas.

From 2020 to now   Private practice Kinesis “Terapia del movimento” (Movement therapy) – Turin in quality of consultant.


Twenty years of practice in the professional sports sector

1997Component physiotherapy staff at 25 ° World Championships in Cross Country held at the Parco del Valentino in Turin.
1997Component physiotherapy staff in the International Tennis Tournament Under 16 c/o The Press Club-Sporting Club Torino.
1998-2004Collaboration with sports Soc TORINO FOOTBALL quality of physioterapist Team "Spring" under 20.
1999-2002Consulting physiotherapy Soc Caluso Football (1st category).
2000-2003Consulting physiotherapy to Miss S. Favre (Italian National Jump Long) and team gear Soc Athletic Ivrea.
2003-2004Consulting physiotherapy Soc Castellamonte football (cat. Promotion).
2004-2005Collaboration with sports Soc TORINO FOOTBALL quality of physioterapist first team in National league series B participant.
2006Consultant/Specialist device Tecar therapy at the Olympic Village Polyclinic during the Winter Olympics in Turin 2006.
2011-2012Collaboration with Società sports TORINO FC. as a physiotherapist First Team participating in the National Championship Serie B football.
2012-2013Collaboration with Società sports TORINO FC. as a physiotherapist First Team participating in the National Championship Serie A football.
2015-2016Consulting physiotherapy Unione Sanremo (now Sanremese Calcio).

Qualification, certificates and training

1996Qualification for the health profession auxiliary Physiotherapist pursuant to art. 1 of the Law 19/05/1971 n. 403.
Thesis : "Rehabilitation treatment of knee after reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament".
1997Certificate of participation in the course of Shiatsu 1st level c/o Institute of Medicine Sports of Turin.
Certificate of Sports Massage Therapist in accordance with the Law 26.10.1971 n. 1099, of L. R. 7/82 c/o Italian Red Cross Turin, with a score of 60/60.
Theoretical and practical course on: "Functional recovery of the knee in athletes" held by Mr. O. Rachet head of the physiotherapy center of Hauteville - Lompes (Lyon) France, c/o Institute of Sports Medicine of Turin.
Awarded by IMF-CONI acquisition for best score in the course of Sports massage Therapist 1997.
1998Seminar massage Qi Gong taught by Master Wen Zhong You's Committee of Beijing sports science c/o Institute of Sports Medicine Turin.
2000Theoretical and Practical Course of Functional bandage 2nd level held by Prof. L. Stella c/o Institute of Sports Medicine of Turin.
Conference on: “muscle-tendon disorders of the player, therapies compared“ c/o Centro Congressi Lingotto Turin.
2002Seminar on Connective Tissue Massage c/o Institute of Sports Medicine of Turin.
2003Theoretical and practical course on: "The Fascial Manipulation" organized by Italian Sports Medicine Federation c/o Institute of Sports Medicine Turin.
2006Theoretical and practical course 1st level of use of the SCENAR (Self-Controlled Energo Neuro Adaptive Regulator) c/o Institute of Sports Medicine of Turin.
2007Teacher course Functional Bandage held in Turin.
2009Theoretical and practical level of Kinesio Taping KT1 and KT2 organized by the International Kinesio Taping Association c/o Alphamed of Pinerolo (Turin).
2010Theoretical and practical level KT3 Kinesio Taping Association organized by the International Kinesio Taping.
2011Theoretical and practical course on: "Dysfunction of the system of movement of the lumbar spine" according to Shirley Sahrmann c/o New Masters Rome.
2013Participation in the Seminar "The painful knee" organized by the National Federation of Colleges of massage therapists in Vimercate (Milan).
Participation in the conference "The painful shoulder in sports", organized by I.A.L.T. - Bergamo.
2014Participation in the course "Low back pain - Approach specialized methods in comparison", Fisiomedic Academy, Limbiate (MB).
2014-2016Course "Osteopathic Manual Therapies" 1st and 2nd year c/o Italian Institute Manual Therapies - Varese.
2019Course Physio-aesthetic with Indiba activ system device - Varese.